Monday, 8 October 2012

WIP: Ork Boyz (part 1) - green aint just green

Having finally completed my first squad of Space Marines, along with my other side projects, I can now finally turn my attention towards the other half of my Battle for Black Reach set, the might Ork Horde!

To kick this off I've decided to paint 10 of my 20 Ork Boyz. I reckon that doing all twenty at once will just make it seem like to big a task...The Boyz are already assembled and based with Chaos Black along with my Space Marines months ago, so following my standard procedure I've started with the inside elements. In this case eyes and mouth

Eyes and tongue are painted Red Gore and washed with Biel Tan. The teeth are painted with Khemri Brown and highlighted with Bleached Bone. Now for the Ork skin. After many attempts I decided on the following combination of colours and washes...

All skin areas are covered with two thin layers of Warboss Green (thin smooth surface) followed by highlights using Moot Green. These highlights really help define the muscle structure. Finally, 2 washes with Biel-Tan to help blend the colours together, resulting in a super nice finish... Now to repeat for the other 9 Orks, starting with the base colour of Warboss Green

And then Moot Green highlights... I'll save the washes until I cleaned up the black areas and done other remaining details... To be continued :D

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  1. These are my favourite so far out of all you have painted. I LOVE the green :D