Monday, 3 December 2012

Gandalf and Shadowfax

As mentioned in a earlier post ( my dear girlfriend gave me this awesome Fincecast of Gandalf the White, which contained not one, but two full models! The second model consists of both Gandalf and his trusted horse, Shadowfax (Lord of Horses)...

Though I finished the model some time ago, I've kinda forgotten to get my blog updated with the WIP and final paintjob pictures. However, here they are now, enjoy!:D

Here he is all glued together and fixed with some liquid Green Stuff. Ive added a few rocks to the base to create a bit more interesting surface...

The base is now finished with several layers of drybrushing, and Gandalf (and his horse) has been based with Skull White...

I've clearly been a bit slacky with the WIP pictures, so here the figure is in its final form:D

Really happy with how the horse and his robes turned out, but the face could still do with some more work, clearly not my strongest side... I might get back to redo that later. For now he's guarding the entrance to my office and YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

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