Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Finecast: Gandalf the White

Out of the middle of nowhere my lovely girlfriend Lauren decided to buy me this guy, the one wizard to rule them all, Gandalf the White! He's a Citaldel Finecast and the box comes with two models, one of Gandalf standing in a powerpose and another of him showing off on Shadowfax... As a token of my gratitude I decided to paint posing Galdalf first as a present for Lauren... I decided to mount him on a "giant rock" to make him stand out a bit more. After some cleaning, glueing and base-coating this is how he looked

This is the first time for me painting human faces, so this took quite some experimentation. Here he is with a base flesh-colour, along with some initial base colours

Here he is now with a lighter skin-tone and some shading to the face and hands. I've also drybrushed the rock with a dark grey to enhance the borders, along with hair and beard (painted light grey and brushed white)

Skip forward to an almost finished miniature. His outer robe has been painted with a 2:3 mixture of bleached bone and skull white and then drybrushed white to highlight. The inner robe is painted with a 1:3 mix, while his "under-robe" is left in skullwhite...

Finally here's the end-result, which I must say I'm really pleased with! He now guards over Lauren's PC and YOU SHALL NOT PASS! :D

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  1. Awww, yay! ;D He is my special wizard yes, & I love him! Thank you very much, money well spent! :D