Sunday, 25 March 2012

A beast of a gift!

Also for my birthday in November, my wonderful girlfriend Lauren decided it was time for me to step it up another notch and bought me this awesome looking piece, the Khorne Chaos Lord on Juggernaut

In contrast to my previous figures this guy is cast in tin and has required a great deal of work before being ready to assemble. However, both rider and mount have now been glued together and I'm currently working on filling gaps etc with some Liquid Green Stuff. Next step will be undercoating which I thankfully now have a spray can for...

I decided to undercoat and paint rider and mount separably and not assemble until all foundation layers are painted...

I've yet to decide on a colour-scheme as well, but the general idea would be to match him up with my red/gold Chaos Warriors and hopefully get something along the lines of this

Update: Just a few quick pictures of the primed models

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