Saturday, 24 March 2012

Stepping it up a notch!

After my self-declared success with my regiment of Goblin warriors (see previous post) I decided it was time for a greater challenge and some more advanced miniatures... 

After spending a lengthy amount of time on Games Workshop's webpage I fell in love with the Warriors of Chaos armies... Those guys are like sadistic evil goth vikings on blood-drugs! Whats not to like, the models are just beautiful... So during my next visit to England I picked up a regiment of 12 Chaos Warriors

Now these guys required more assembly, each miniature consisting of 6 pieces (base, legs+torso, cloak, head and 2 arms with weapons/shield). After being cut out and polished (removing any mold defects etc with a file and scalpel) one warrior look something like this pile

Next step is to undercoat everything with Chaos Black. I elected to coat and do my foundation colours on the individual pieces before assembly as it allows me to easier paint each part

The entire undercoat painting factory with all its pieces :)

I found a really nice paint guide on the official webpage and printed that for reference while starting with my foundation colours.. The overall colour-scheme is red armor (Mechrite Red) and gold

The cloak is painted Charadon Granite with Calthan Brown fur 

Horns one the helmets are painted Bleached Bone and gold on the metal parts

Over a year had now passed since I started my first Goblins and finally my warriors was starting to take shape as well :D After both torso, cloak and heads were finished (at least with base colours) there were glued together to get a better impression of the regiment

Since Christmas (2011) I've now gotten most weapons painted as well and assembled 9 out 12 warriors.. Next step will be a wash and then I get to start working on some highlights :D

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