Saturday, 24 March 2012

A small beginning...

When a guy reaches a certain age and have been spending money on toys and gadgets (way to much money for way to long), it starts becoming harder and harder to keep coming up with birthday and Christmas wishes...
Last year for my birthday (November 2010) someone suggested Warhammer miniatures from Games Workshop. Since I've always loved fantasy, science fiction and anything geeky I thought "hmm...why not".. However the thought about tediously painting those small things for hours kinda put me off since I'm not the most patient person...*at all*! In the end I decided to give it a try since I thought  patience is something that could learned... So for my 26'th year birthday my dear sister gave me the following box:

Needless to say this thing took my quite some time to finish, but in the end I was very surprised and very happy with the result! So guess Games Workshop did a good job with these starter sets:P I didn't take many pictures during the process back then, but here are still a few...

Assembled Goblin (2 piece - base and figure itself)

After undercoating with Chaos Black and a few layers of colour followed by a wash with Devlan Mud I got the following result:

I elected one goblin as a leader and gave him a Bleached Bone cloak instead, followed by some dry brushed                           Knarlock Green (just to try out the technique)... Here's a closeup of the "Goblin Gandalf"

In the meantime I had also acquired some static grass which really helps make the bases come alive

Adding grass to the remaining group of goblins this is my final results as it still stands :D

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