Saturday, 19 May 2012

Big Bucks

So a few months has passed since my last post, and quite a lot has happened in the meantime. Most importantly, my Phd-thesis is finally done and handed in, giving me back some precious spare time in which I can continue my painting...

I'll make a few different posts concerning the progress of my various projects, but thought I wanted to start of with a new one..

During my last visit to England I picked up to large and wonderful "Assault on Black Reach" Warhammer 40.000 starter pack!

This beauty contains a handy rulebook, dice and rulers etc and most importantly more than 40 miniatures split between two forces; Space Marines and Orks. While assembling and painting the entire set is going to take a LONG time, I've already played a few simple games with the unfinished models which I enjoyed very much.

As the squad of Tactical Space Marines are some of the most iconic Warhammer 40k miniatures, I decided to start with them.

After preparation and gluing, the 10 Space Marines are spray coated with Chaos Black to prime the figures.

In parallel with the tactical squad I have started on the 20 Ork Boyz, prepping and gluing as I go along...

I have yet to decide on the Chapter (and hence colour) of the Space Marines, and will properly put this project on hold when the Orks are done and finish up some of my other projects first...


  1. Fantabulastic! I love your passion for the hobby!

    Also, I thought you got the dice seperate? :o

  2. lol someones got the bug, its a killer when you get going with this hobby. I always liked the look of ork's mainly from the endless options for conversion you have, you can pretty much pick up anything make it look 'orky' and roll with it. :D I also had Gorkamorka, a WH40k spin off game which I think is all but dead now. My original army back in the day were the ultramarines but i'm well into my Eldar now.