Sunday, 1 June 2014

WIP Magnetized Eldar Wraith Knight

Continuing the expansion of my newest army from my giant box of goodness, the Eldar Ghostwarriors, I have finally (last but not least) come around to the mighty Wraith Knight!

All the sprues laid out... Whew, quite a big project! Below is a few pics taken during assembly:

All individual limps etc put together...

Torso with it's plethora of spikes and blades...

And finally all weapons, guns etc more or less built...

Now this was the easy part... :) As usual, in order to not waste any parts of a very expensive model, the Knight off course needed to be magnetized... After some serious research I ordered a bunch of 6 mm magnets to supplement what I already have.

However, while the poor Knight was still lying in pieces on my desk I went to play a friendly last-game-of-6'th-edition with a Space Marine + Eldar list. As I really wanted to try playing my new Eldar I had to find a replacement (see image below)... The size fits fairly well and the model is certainly a beast on the tabletop! Thanks Bob for god sportsmanship and letting me play the wooden Knight ;)

Now on to the magnetizing, which ended up taking me the better part of a weekend, requiring a lot of measuring and dry-fitting before getting out the Super Glue...

The major bits, being the torso (magnetized mainly for easy of transportation), shoulders and all weapon arms were fitted with the 6 mm magnets. I also padded the shoulder joints with some Green Stuff to reinforce them.

The head was fitted with 5 mm magnets to enable movement, while shoulder weapons were mounted using smaller 3 mm magnets...

Finally here is the big boy in two different configurations :D Now all there is left is to base him and paint him... Check back in half a year maybe :P

On a sidenote, having enjoyed playing the Eldar so much, I immediately ordered their Codex and a Wave Serpent... Both of which arrived yesterday :)

Now the Codex is already read and the Serpent put together in the matter of a day :D I magnetized the weapons-mount using two 6 mm magnets, simply to make transport easier. Apart from that it was a straight forward build... At last now my Wraithguard will be riding in style :D
Thanks for reading and stay tuned soon for an update on my Space Marine Centurions and the process of selecting an appropriate colour-scheme for my Eldar :)


  1. I find with the eldar tanks at least the hull is a lot easier to paint in 2 parts, the sections around the exhaust ports are a pain, especially when your main hull on top is green, the underside is white and your exhausts are black, there's some trickly areas to get to with a brush if you glue it all together then paint. Good to see the magnetised options and now your in with the eldar i'll invite you to have a look at this page for mind blowing goodness, magnetising guides and general inspirational goodness:

    1. Yeah I can imagine and I would certainly paint them in separate pieces if I was using an airbrush :) However for now I was eager to get the bugger built so I can start playing with it as well...
      I'll check out the page thanks, always great to see what wonder others can do :D