Thursday, 19 June 2014

Eldar colour-scheme

Hi peps! Time for a quick update :) As mentioned in many previous posts I've been spending the last few months building my wraith themed Eldar army. Having finally finished almost all of it, I decided to buckle down and decide on a colour scheme to encourage myself to eventually start painting them...

As a starting point, I had 5x Eldar Wraithguards with Wraithcannons undercoated white. 

Initially I was considering going with some "ethereal" colours to represent the ghost theme of the army. Basically, I painted each model with thin washes and drybrushed white for the ghostly effect....

However, even though it's a nice effect I felt that an entire army painted like this wouldn't really pop! on the tabletop. So I went searching online for inspiration... One of the posts that caught my attention was this one from Dakka Dakka.
I was certain I didn't want any shade of blue as my marines are already blue. I didn't want yellow either as I don't like the Iyanden colours one bit.. As red is the colour of my Warhammer Fantasy Khorne-based Warriors of Chaos army, so I decided to give green a go :)

I painted the whole model Caliban Green and did a test of the remaining highlights on the top part of his armour. Furthermore, I decided on blue'ish gems as I really like the way they stick out! Finally, I wanted to break up the green so I decided to keep his head, shoulders and kneepads pure white. I was sold on this look!!! So I decided to crack on and paint the rest of the model :D 
I wanted the gun to have a wraithbone tone to it, and after reading various guides I decided to try an easy approach by simply washing the already white gun with Agrax Earthshade (brown wash) and drybrush with Screaming Skull... I really like this simple effect! :) His loincloth was painted bright green (Moot Green) and heavily washed with Biel-Tan Green (green wash) to get some shading...

Following the same method as his top bit, I first highlighted all his armour with a thick line of Warboss Green. Secondly, I wanted the gems on his gun to be different from the rest, and inspired by the Dakka post previously mentioned, I went for orange (Blazing Orange).

Second hightlight was done with a thin line of Moot Green, while the orange gems were highlighted with Citrus Orange (from Miniature Paints). To tie the green highlights together a bit and help with shading in the recesses, I gave most of the armour a wash with Biel-Tan Green.

For the final results the gems on his armour was painted Sotek Green and highlighted with Lothern Blue. All gems then got a layer of Gloss Varnish to make them shine.
 The base was done as I usually do with a few layers of drybrushing, some rocks, skulls and a bit of static grass. To represent the awesome power of his wraithcannon I painted the inside with Sotek Green and drybrushed with Lothern Blue and Skull White to get the right glow..
A few images of the final model below. Must say it's one of my personal favourites so far and I cant wait to paint the remaining 1000 points worth of Wraiths! :D Enjoy and hope you like it as much as me...

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