Tuesday, 5 November 2013

WIP Space Marine Centurions

When pictures of these chunks of metal (okay plastic) started leaking I was torn whether they were awesome or silly... However, as I read the stats (and was in dire need of some heavy support) I was sold :) And so were they, as I ordered a pack (together with my limited edition Ultramarines Codex)

After waiting what seemed like forever, the miniatures finally arrived, and wow it's a tightly packed sprue! The kit has all weapon options for both Devastator and Assault Centurions, so obviously I opted to start magnetizing the entire bunch! :D

First I had to put the legs and torsos together which was straight forward. I'm really impressed with the quality of these new models, very few mold lines etc. so prepping takes minimal time...

Since comparison with a normal Space Marine

Weapons, weapons, weapons!

To ensure proper magnet alignment I add a blop of paint to one item (the arm) and fit it together with the gun, leaving another blop on the correct opposite position. 

It's then a simple matter of cutting/drilling out a hole with the correct size (1mm) and glue in the magnet. Rinse and repeat for the arm and about a gazillion other weapons! :P

A few weapon examples and poses...

The Centurions also comes with optional either chest-mounted Storm Bolter or Missille Launcher, so I decided to magnetize these as well...

Finally I added a few skulls and rocks to the bases followed by a layer of sand to create some texture. After allowing everything to dry the Centurions was spray painted with Chaos Black.

They are now camping my desk waiting for further treatment, but have already seen action helping me nuke some reason into a bunch of heretic Tau :)

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