Friday, 11 October 2013

Space Marine Sternguard Veterans

Wow! So I suddenly realized that even though I finished these guys a few weeks ago I never got around to posting a blog-update about them... So lets roll! :D

As the models were already build and undercoated at this point, it was a simple matter of painting the 7 guys blue (Macragge Blue) and any white bits grey (Administratum Grey). This was followed by watered down Scorched Brown on the base...

All metal elements were, as usual, painted with Boltgun Metal and scrolls, parchments and skulls in Bleached Bone.  Afterwards these elements were washed respectively with Bedab Black and Devlan Mud. 

All gold elements are first based with Calthan Brown to make it easier to cover with the gold...

This is then followed by a layer of Shining Gold, washed afterwards with Devlan Mud.  Purity seals are painted Red Gore and highlighted with Blood Red, while laurels and grenades are painted green using Warboss Green and highlighted using Moot Green

White elements such as helmets and shoulder rims are finally painted white using Skull White.

Blue armor is now washed with Drakenhof Nightshade...

and then all models are line highlighted with Ultramarine Blue. Weapons are also finally attached as all elements are now painted and shading should be correct...

Finally an extra fine highlight is added (a 50:50 mixture of Ultramarines Blue and Administratum Grey) and bases are finished off by drybrushing first Calthan Brown and then Bleached Bone, followed by adding some tuffs of static grass. 
Below is a bunch of pictures of the final models, which I certainly feel is worthy of the veteran status :D

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  1. Very nice! I love that one with the white shoulder pad and gold spots ;)