Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Current status after moving

As you might know I've recently uprooted from my home town in Denmark to move to the birthplace of the Beatles (that Liverpool for you savages that didn't know;) where I've gotten a job at the university :) Hence a few months have passed without any major updates to the blog as my painting time have been quite reduced...

However, moving to a much bigger city has enabled me to actually PLAY a lot more 40k :) Especially after joining the Liverpool Reapers where I so far have met a great bunch of friendly and helpful people :)

Between gaming, work, a pregnant girlfriend etc.  I am slowly again finding time to paint and build, and thought I should take the opportunity to make a short status post on my various projects, as I haven't actually finished many models lately.... So without further ado, here's what I'm currently working on :D

Space Marine Devastator Centurions
in November I posted a WIP thread on these badboys (found here) and I'm sorry to say not much has happened since, except that I've managed to paint them blue. Otherwise they have seen a fair amount of action and while playing I realized that the magnets I used for their weapons aren't strong enough, so they are currently being replaced by bigger and better ones :)

Drop Pod
I have for quite a long time been using a single drop pod in my army, but never gotten around to finish painting it. Currently it's just missing some washes and highlights, so should hopefully be done in a foreseeable future.

Tactical Marines
As mentioned in September I bought a bunch of marines that needed stripping and repainting. Some of them I already pimped and turned into Sternguard, while others were destined to become normal tactical marines to bulk out my forces. Below is 7 normal guys I managed to finish completely and there is also a handful on the way with special and heavy weapons as well as a few sergeants.

Space Marine Captain
While I've had the model for the Space Marine Captain around since the start (he's from the Assault on Black Reach box), I've never used him much in play until now. However, getting a land raider has really helped  me delivering close-combat units such as terminators and this guy is simply a great addition to a squad like that. Hence I've started painting him up :)

Land Raider Redeemer/Crusader
Finally, as mentioned in November I acquired a Land Raider for my 30th birthday. I magnetized all weapons mounts knowing that there was at least two other variants out there. Starting to play the game more I realized that maybe these other designs would be better suited, so I went ahead and bought the Redeemer/Crusader upgrade pack from GW. Auto-cannon and Multi-melta has now been assembled along with magnetized sponson weapons. The Land Raider itself is still unpainted and presents a daunting task that I however cant wait to get started on once I tied up a few more lose ends...

Finally, as a Christmas present for myself I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get started on an Eldar army. I've always liked the Wraith constructs and when GW brought out the Wraithwing boxset I thought "perfect!" :D The set contains 1 Wraithknight (!), 2x Wraithlords and 3x 5man squads of either Wraihtguard or Wraithblades.

Now I promised myself I wouldn't start on this army until I finished at least the majority of my Ultramarines, but... fat chance! :D

Eldar Wraithlord
First model I decided to have a crack at was the wraithlord which turns out to be quite a tall stringy dude which certainly requires careful gluing to get posed correctly. So far he's without arms and weapons as I'm contemplating how to best magnetize everything...

Eldar Wraithguard + Blade
I also had a crack at a Wraithguard squad, and after long contemplation I decided to forego magnetizing weapons/arms and fit them with Wraithcannons. One, because I have 3 squads in total and hence can model the rest differently, and two, they look very similar to the D-scythes and can probably be played as such if need be most of the time. They were assembled, based and basecoated in Skull White primer. I have yet to settle on a colour-scheme but feel the Eldar should have more bright colours, hence the white :)

My final unit is another squad, this time Wraithblades. As my overall plan is to have one melee unit and two shooty I decided to magnetize them to enable use of either two swords or axe+shield. As seen below that's where I currently am on them :)

There! That's it for now with the progress of all my current units.... Stay tuned soon for some more regular posts once I start finishing off models :D

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