Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Space Marine Terminator Chaplain

Wow! This one has certainly been a long time in the making... I originally bought this Chaplain together with my Librarian as part of my HQ, simply because the model looks AWESOME!

He did however look so awesome that I felt quite a bit intimidated by the painting-challenge he proposed and hence he's been standing around unpainted for quite some time (he was however prepped and glued quite early). As my confidence has grown I now felt certain I could make a satisfactory job of it, so here comes:

As he comes as a Finecast model he required quite a lot of preparation as the model was in really poor condition (many mold-lines, bobbles, voids etc). Here he is on his base (elevated slightly on two plastic washers) and with a little custom-made skull-display in front of him (my first real use of green-stuff).

Afterwards I glued sand to his base and spray-painted him Chaos Black. This was all done back in February.

As I usually start painting from the inside out, the first item to paint was the large amount of parchment scrolls all over this fella. They were painted with a 1:1 mix of Bleached Bone and Skull White. The base was also painted using a watered down Scorched Brown.

As he is to lead my Ultramarines army, the next bit was to paint his right shoulder-pad Macragge Blue. To get started on the white insignia's they were painted Administratum Grey and then washed with Bedab Black. 

To get a proper coverage with on the golden elements, these were first painted using Calthan Brown. His skull mask was carefully painted with a 1:2 mix of Bleached Bone and Skull White. Metal elements were simply painted with a layer of Leadbelcher.

I then started painting the gold elements with Shining Gold and gave the red elements (gems, eyes and wax-insignia's) a coat of Red Gore

The remaining gold elements were painted and all purity seals given a coat of Bleached Bone. The two angel insignia's (shoulder and chest) as well as his terminator honors (other shoulder) were very carefully line highlighted with Skull White. Lastly his the handle of his Crozius Arcanum (power-weapon) was painted with Red Gore.

Finally his gun was painted Red Gore and both gun, staff-handle, gems and was-insignia's were highlighted with Blood Red. All golden elements were washed with Devlan Mud. 

To finish the model off the base was drybrushed with Calthan Brown and then Bleached Bone. All black armour was line-highlighted with Dawnstone and all parchments and purity seals had some black scribbles added to emulate writing. Gold elements were highlighted with Shining Gold and metal elements with Mithril Silver. 

With many many hours spent on all the finer details of this miniature, I must admit this is my best model so far. I think the model itself is simply great and I really like the finished paint-job. Cant wait to have this bad-boy lead my marines against the xenos-filth of the galaxy!

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