Monday, 27 May 2013

Space Marine sniper Scouts

Next item up for painting in my ever expanding Space Marines army is my sniper scout squad. These guys are cheap (at least point-wise) and once stuffed away inside a building they can become quite a hassle. This makes them great at camping Objectives. Furthermore, the models are really nice with some good details, although a few of them are slightly to similar. I opted to leave the weapons off the model at first to better be able to paint the aquila emblem...

Here are the guys after being spray-painted with Chaos Black. One of the guys has been magnetized so I can switch his upper torso with the missile-launcher dude should I want some more oompf! from the squad.

As these guys are not full Space Marines yet and hence don't wear power-armor they pose a different paint-job as they are sporting way more cloth. I decided to use Dheneb stone for those bits as it gives a slightly off-white / worn look:

Secondly the armor-pieces was painted as usual using Macragge Blue:

As an under-layer for the gold aquila I painted Calthan Brown, followed by Shining Gold. The faces were painted Kislev Flesh:

The faces were the shaded using a thinned down Bestigor Flesh and eyes painted black and white:

I then line highlighted the black leather bits (mainly boots and belts) using Dawnstone and painted the bases using a watered down Scorched Brown:

As they chests were now finished the guns were glued on:

To start of the Camo cloaks they were painted with a 50:50 mix of Abadon Black and Dawnstone

followed by a wash with black ink and drybrushed with Dawnstone and then Administratum Grey. This is clearly the easy way around camo-patterns but at this point I have so many other model I wanna paint that I chose the fastest method...

Finally in a last surge of painting over the weekend I finished the models and got to caught up in painting to remember to take any pics. Below is the almost finished results with many MANY details added. First the blue armor has been line highlighted with first Ultramarine Blue followed by a 50:50 mix of Ultramarine Blue and Administratum Grey. The guns are highlighted with thin lines of Leadbelcher and lenses (on both visors and guns) are painted green, while the sniper rifles power-cables are given some nice bright colors as well. Last, the Ultramarines symbol is free-handed on the visible shoulder-pads:

Finally, the base rim is painted Steel Legion Drab and static grass is added for that final touch...

All in all some really enjoyable models and a results which I'm quite proud of :D

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