Friday, 7 September 2012

Space Marines WIP (part3) - freehanding to the finishline

My squad is now finally as good as done :D Taken me quite some time to finish all the details but I'm really happy with the results... Painting guys in full power-armour is certainly quite a different challenge than all the fur on my Chaos Warhounds, but one I have enjoyed even more...

Two things are still missing before they are truly done. One is basing with some static grass which is quite fast, while the other is quite a challenge. Inspired (as usual) by Ron on FromTheWarp I decided to give the Ultramarines logo a shot in freehand painting. Below you can see Ron's tutorial as well as the final results on my first Marine. Could be better, but certainly also worse. When I'm done with all 9 I should have it down quite well :P

Now all I need is to repeat 8 more times to finish the entire squad:P Then its time to give the sergeant (seening black in the background on the first picture) some love and attention... Along with a few other side-projects. And then it's time to take on the Ork horde!

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