Monday, 2 September 2013

Space Marine Assault Terminators

Picking up from my previous post, it's finally time to get my Assault Terminators finished! :D As mentioned last time the models were prepped and magnetized to keep all weapon options available... All that was left was to paint them:D

Mind, this has still taken me almost 2 months on and off...

Following my usual Ultramarines paint-scheme the five models were undercoated with Chaos Black and the base covered in a thin layer of Scorched Brown...

The entire body was then covered in Macragge Blue, while the scenic rocks on the base were coloured with Dawnstone and then drybrushed with Administratum Grey:

Finally all metal areas are paitned with Boltgun Metal

All to-be-white elements were painted grey (Administratum Grey) to make proper covering easier later on

For the helmets the lenses were first painted with Red Gore, while the remainder was painted first grey and then Skull White, leaving recessed areas grey for shadows:

Time to glue the helmets on! :D

Time for the weapons which were also based with Macragge Blue...

The metal parts are again painted Boltgun Metal and white elements as on the armour... Gold elements are first covered with Calthan Brown followed by Shining Gold.:

With all areas now covered in their correct colours and any mistakes cleaned up, its time for shading with a blue wash. This is followed by some line-highlights, first fairly thick liens with Ultramarine Blue:

followed by thin selected highlights of a 50:50 mix of Ultramarine Blue and Administratum Grey:

To finish off, the bases are drubrushed with Calthan Brown and Bleached Bone and static grass is applied in small tuffs...

Another result which I'm very proud of! I'm really happy with my paint-scheme and the end-result :) Now if I could only speed up my painting... Below I've added some close-ups of all 5 beasts, enjoy! :D

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