Thursday, 18 April 2013

Space Marine Librarian

Ahh...Citadel Finecast. Man some of those figures look great, but wow, the details...:P

So the next project in my slowly growing Ultramarines army is a Librarian which will be an integral HQ choice once the army is finished.. I opted for the model with the powerstaff and big open book as I really love the pose and details of the miniature.

So, after extensive cleaning etc (finecast has LOADS of vents and other crap) this is what he looked like
Two months later he looked just the same, but I finally pulled together and got him based. Here he is together with my other HQ, a Chaplain in Terminator armour
Finishing my Terminators and Bike Marine freed up some time to finish this guy off within two week time...

And after loads and loads of details, washes and highlights here is the final result :D

Edit: Added an additional highlight (50:50 mix of Altdorf Guard Blue and Administratum Grey) which really brings the blue colour out better imo... Judge for yourself :)

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