Saturday, 30 March 2013

Space Marine Terminators

In my progress of slowly working my way through the "Assault on Black Reach" miniatures the turn has finally come to my Space Marines Terminators which I honestly think is some of the coolest miniatures I've yet to paint... Even though I started back in December, most of the painting has been done over the last 3 weeks.

Similar to my SM Tactical Squad I started painting the inside elements first, so again flex-joints and helmet lenses:

Following this is a simple step of painting all armour-elements in the blue base-colour (Macragge Blue in this case):

Turning to the white elements (helm and sigils) I've once again been following the great advice of Ron Ronsaikowski (FromTheWarp) and slowly building up the colour by successive layers of grey (Dawnstone followed by Administratum Grey and finally Skull White). The elements where then washed with a thinned Badab Black and drybrushed with Skull White to give them a more worn look:

From then on it was simply a matter of finishing all the remaining elements (gun, purity seals etc), done exactly like my previous Space Marines, and repeat for the remaining 4 miniatures:

The sergeant required a bit of extra work, specially his face and the power-sword, both which turned out really great imo :D I also managed to free-hand the Ultramarine symbol and Crux Terminatus on all 5 miniatures...

Next on the table is more Space Marines (yay!), including a Chaplain, Librarian, Biker and 5 Assault Terminators with interchangeable magnetized weapons...

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