Saturday, 23 June 2012

Its Chaos time!

Finally gotten my awesome looking Chaos Warriors based and they are now as close to finished as I will get them for now :D Considering they are my first real paint-project I'm actually quite proud...

Many thanks to Lauren for taking these really nice shots... Next project is my ongoing Khorne Lord on Juggernaut as well as a pack of Chaos Warhounds... For now, here's the current state of my the Juggernaut


  1. Especially the banner and their cloaks could use a bit more work, but I'm uncertain how to proceed so I've decided to leave that for now until I acquire the appropriate skill/inspiration :D

  2. Looking good mate, you could maybe look at some wet blending techniques on youtube or layering would also work, layering is easier but I think wet blending gives a better result. Looking forward to that juggernaut man thats looking pretty beast already. :D